A bit off topic for this blog but as an avid fan of electronic music I’m sad to see the current bastardization of minimal techno music. At the forefront of this is Richie Hawtin, who in some respects helped invent the scene. Richie and his silly antics no longer bug me as they used to but I nearly fell over laughing to this text message a friend sent to another friend asking whether or not he wanted to go see Hawtin and his Minus people play. The SMS conversation went something like this:

Friend 1: You fancy going to watch Hawtin Play?
Friend 2: No Because he’s shit!
Friend 1: Why do you say that? You used to love him?
Friend 2: Look the train was beautiful. It was simple, effective and clean in design. As the train forged onward the only sound was the incessant clanking of quality engineering, of well-meshed gears. For this reason the train kept to time, it was never overcrowded and only ran to a limited timetable. Then the train took a wrong turn, it went to Ibiza. Bad people boarded the train; they made the train get a new haircut. Then the train went to Berlin. More bad people got on, they made the train wear multimedia leather and charge £30 for a membership to be “associated” with the train. NOW I’D RATHER WALK!