This is a picture of the new Microsoft wireless mouse. At first glance it’s rather aesthetically pleasing on the old face peepers. I like the black colour. So far so good? Why on earth does the silly thing fold? It’s supposedly for transportation reasons, but when was the last time you had a laptop bag that couldn’t accomodate a small mouse in? Maybe it’s for the generation of skinny jean wearers that simply have to have their mouse on them at all times to update their facesmooch, but cant fit a normal one inside their pockets?

Secondly is its profile. For the first time in ages I used a colleagues PC the other day, and what I found very hard to adjust to was the angle of my hand to my wrist, in order to accomodate for the height of the mouse. You know those silly pads people sometimes need to stop them from getting RSI? Yes those ridiculous jelly ones that either have the feel of a rubber sex toy or a breast implant. Surely you would need one of those with the height of this mouse? Compare the profile of this mouse to Apples mighty mouse and you get an idea of why Apple users tend not to have those silly pads.

I’ll hold back on any more criticisms until I actually feel one of these things, but until then I think it’s another Microsoft Zune trying to be an Ipod.

Thanks Hugh!