These look like great books from The Design Project. The Process of Printing (images 1-3) (£55), is a book that takes printing to another level. It’s offset litho 15 colours (yes 15 colours), case bound with jacket and features foil blocking, embossing, die cutting and UV varnishing throughout. This would be a treat to get your hands on and really does justify the £55 price tag. The second book also by The Design Project is Unusual Printing Surfaces (images 3-6) (£30). This is another one for the print geeks but at a more modest £30. This book was made to promote Arjo Wiggins Curious Paper collection (I received a few samples of these the other day and they really are fabulous. The Thermochromic range has flecks that change colour according to temperature!). It’s printed in 21 offset litho colours, foil blocking, screen UV varnishing and micro perforations throughout. It’s hand bound and utilises 16 paper and plastic substrates over 64 pages. I bet the printers had their work cut out for them producing these bad boys! Can’t wait to get my hands on either!