I’m a sucker for anything paper and print based, so the work of artist Christelle Bonnet really strikes a chord with me. It really does look beautiful. Piles of wonderful stock stacked up on the floor, illuminated with an arrray of hues, her pieces are high on aesthetics. But in the current climate of eco-conscious design, I’m not sure how much value can be held in an installation utilising thousands of pieces of paper printed, possibly utilising eco-friendly methods, for what seems like a pile of eye candy.

This isn’t a personal jibe at Christelle, she wouldn’t be on here if I didn’t enjoy her work, but the whole industry of graphics is at it in one way or another. I’m working on projects at the moment that could be produced using more sustainable materials, yet most clients see “$” not a flash of green. It’s much more cost effective sometimes to get something printed in China and shipped all the way to the UK than it is to get it printed on our doorstep saving on valuable air/sea miles.

Ask me if you think it might look nice to put a spot varnish on a piece with some nice foil blocking and I’ll reply “certainly!”, but striking a balance between the beautiful and the necessary can be a hard thing.

Maybe I’ll develop this post further at a later date, but for the time being, Nice work Christelle! I do hope you recycle that paper!

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