After seeing that Andreas Gursky has a gallery showing his complete works in Stockholm I thought it was about time to put one of my favorite photographers on here. I think what first drew me to Gursky’s work is the sense of order his images seem to show. Sometimes portraying the orderly lines of structures and roads, other times depicting the ordered chaos of human nature. As a graphic designer its hard not to get a kick out of the extreme sense of harmony his work visually thrusts toward you. He seems to take what most would consider mundane and amplify it to such a scale that the banal seems exciting. I’m not alone in my Gursky love, his 99cent store print (second picture below) holds the record for higest price ever paid for a photographic print, $3.3. You’ve probarbly seen his work dozens of times over like myself, whether you have or not check him out again, his work may still give you a droplet of excitment on what might be an uneventful day.

If your in that neck of the woods he is showing at the Moderna Museet until the 3rd May.