What graphic designer does not go all gooey at the sight of wonderful paper-stocks letterpressed with beautiful typography, utilizing a wonderful array of inks? I’ve seemed to bump into lots of wonderful letterpress links of the last week so I thought I might share some.

First up the wonderful Studio On Fire had this stunning wedding invitation on their blog. I love the way it steers clear of any wedding cliches but still retains that sophisticated look through the expert use of type and paper-stock.



Next Up is this type specimen for Typecon 2008 designed by James Grieshaber and printed by Boxcar Press. The pieces features s P22 Zaner Super Pro and LTC Octic Gothic. The ornaments are from LTC Fluerons Garamont.


I hadn’t heard of Boxcar press until last week but they seem to be a great letterpress studio with a solid output. They also run Bella Figura, a division of the studio entirely dedicated to letterpress for weddings.




Lastly some type history from A Blog. The article goes on to talk about how he came about some handmade filing blocks used for typesetting letterpress.