If you live in Birmingham you’ll be acutely aware (unless you’ve been living under a rock) that between 23rd and the 28th March Birmingham’s Flatpack film festival will be taking place city wide.

Fast Forward With Synth Eastwood from Synth Eastwood on Vimeo.

Amongst a whole host of other things there will be a party on Friday 26th of March at the Rainbow Warehouse, curated by the Synth Eastwood gang. If you didn’t know already, Synth Eastwood are a Dublin based music, art and technology collective who put on shows that provide a platform for artists from every field and discipline to showcase their work.

Warp Records Clark, Gangpol and Mit, Sarsparilla, Health & Efficiency and the Synth Eastwood Band will be providing the live music and animation to get your groove onto. There will also be projects and installations such as Hugh Cooney’s Info Processor, Synth Eastwood’s GIF Shoot!, Birmingham Says Hello and the Fast Forward group project.

For the party animals a selection of Birmingham and Dublin DJ’s will take you into the early hours.

A fun, arty party with lots of dancing! Who’s in?

More Info on the festival and FastForward can be found here: