NOT MY TYPE: An Out of Character Experiment is a typographical exploration of 26 letters (and a few sneaky characters) by 35 different Birmingham based illustrators, designers and artists, all displayed as one alphabet. Stylistically the show is really diverse, ranging from folk such as Jon Burgerman, Sam Pierpoint, Lewes Herriot, and London studio I Love Dust participating and working across a range of media. Here at CMYKern, we’ll all be submitting a piece of work, alongside locals Dan Westwood, some members of The Outcrowd, and most of the team at Fluid (one of our very kind sponsors). The exhibition will run in the Created In Birmingham store, opening the evening of May 6th and running until June 1st. All prints will be available to buy from both the store and through the Facebook group here.

If you’re really that dedicated to words, more of them can be found about this very exhibition in an interview format done for the blog This Is Happening Without Your Permission.