Multipack presents three Multipack regulars; Gareth Brown, Andy Higgs and Paul Lloyd, as they talk about wireframing, AB testing, style guides and more. They meet beforehand at the Old Crown in Digbeth for lunch and a pint, before heading to the offices of One Black Bear for the presentations.

Styleguides for the Web

Paul Robert Lloyd

Our industry has approached a turning point in how we develop websites. As the number of devices we need to accommodate increases, so the flexibility and adaptability of our designs needs greater consideration. Yet at the same time, designers need constraints and creative control over a project.

In this session, Paul will discuss how clearly communicating the fundamental aspects of your design during the different stages of a project can help you better communicate with clients, developers and your peers, and ensure your vision doesn’t get lost in the transformation from static comp to dynamic, every changing website.

Wireframing & A/B Testing

Gareth Brown

Like the structure of any good building, a website needs a good framework and blueprint to render its construction as pain-free a process as possible. These critical first steps allow web designers and developers to build speedily and efficiently.

Websites will never be perfect from day 1 and should never be considered ‘finished’. It is best to consider them as living, breathing entities that require nurturing and care in order for them to grow, evolve and live a longer life.

Gareth will plot the journey of wireframing, from conception to delivery. Then identify weaknesses, and how using A/B testing can lead to improved results.

Improve Your Image: Photoshop Techniques

Andy Higgs

Everyone possesses a toolkit of their own tricks of the trade, and in this session Andy will share a number of his own practical techniques for manipulating and improving image content for the web, using industry standard image editing applications like Photoshop and Fireworks.