On a recent trip to Edinburgh I was given the heads up by Jack and Lee to visit an amazing little book shop called Analogue Books. I really wish I had more time in Edinburgh as it’s the type of shop you can stay in all day. It’s packed full of books you may not find online/in your major book stores. From quirky books on wooden typography to architectural manuals on materials, Analogue books has something for everyone within the creative industries.

They also produce a number of their own publications that are only available in store or through the site. I got my hands on a copy of a really quirky illustration book by Nigel Peake called Maps which documents small time adventures and excursions out within a mile radius of his home. After a shifty look on amazon it seems a lot of the publications produced by Analogue books fetch a fair price.

They sell a good selection of prints as well to brighten up the home or studio. I picked up a beautiful little print at a bargin price of £6.  If your feeling a little more frugal you could also do what I did and grab one of their free flyers designed by Jez Burrows. It looks pretty sweet framed up.

So If your over that way you could do a lot worse than paying this wonderful store a little visit. The owners are dead friendly too!