Designer and illustrator Richard Vickers has launched Goods Carrier, a new range of limited edition prints inspired by Indian truck art.

Most people return from India inspired by the spirituality, landscape or food – but for London-based graphic designer/illustrator Richard Vickers it was the ornate decoration of Indian trucks which caught his attention.
Driving across a country 12 times the size of the UK can be a lonely job, so drivers of Indian goods carriers understandably like to make their vehicles feel more homely. As you pass trucks adorned with fresh hanging flowers, psychedelic patterns and hand-painted gods, driving along an Indian highway can be more akin to visiting an art gallery.
Vickers was inspired to create a range of colourful designs based on Indian truck art on his return to the UK. His first release in the Goods Carrier range is “Horn OK Please” – now available online at as a limited-edition print.

Prints are available now at